A European Cyber Security Monitoring Centre for Critical Infrastructures

Lately, there has been an increasing adoption of ICT among Critical Infrastructures (CIs), such as the electricity, water and gas grids. For example, a transition of the traditional electricity grid to a Smart Grid is currently taking place as an important step for the achievement of the European energy targets. However, the sheer integration of ICT also poses risks to utilities, due to the growing number of cyber threats.

SUCCESS’ Security Monitoring Solution includes monitoring of critical energy infrastructures and attack detection on a local level – within the network of one or several CI operators – as well as on a pan-European level. For the latter, SUCCESS is developing a European Security Monitoring Centre (ESMC) that will be connected to all European CI operators, will collect grid status information as well as publicly available information and will rely on advanced data analytics to detect attacks and identify attack patterns. The ESMC has a strong potential to prevent a wide spread of cyber attacks.  

This white paper presents the efforts and suggested timeplan for the adoption of the ESMC concept into the European framework, both in terms or necessary discussions with and among regulatory bodies as well as in terms of administrative decisions needed for its operation.

The ESMC is designed within SUCCESS with provision of the European legislation. Moreover, further regulation for the ESMC concept may be necessary by the respective policy making bodies due to its wide scope. This white paper communicates an active dissemination plan for authorities and CI operators, towards increasing the awareness and contributing to the adoption of an ESMC implementation.

Read the full whitepaper here