First Innovation event in Terni a success

The meeting was structured in four components: presentations on the projects SPARKS, PRECYSE, NOBELGRID and WISEGRID, presentations from success regarding the concepts and work plans as well as the preliminary work undertaken by the project; invited presentations  by local, regional  and intraregional authorities increasing the sensitivity and the awareness on cyber security in the energy domain and in the afternoon a company pitch and networking session was organised and run successfully as well as the presentation of related e-vehicle charging technologies by one of the participating SMEs.

Building bridges with related projects is one of the major concerns of the project. The presentations and the subsequent discussions identified several areas of common interest and the intention of following up with further exchange both technical and non-technical, as well as potentially joint activities were explicitly asserted.

The event successfully involved innovative audience in the goals of success, a number of statements from top level participants regarding privacy or the importance of cyber security have created a noticeable reaction by the audience. Furthermore, the explicit reference to the current increasing demand on human resources in the domain of security by the industry and research institutions has triggered a number of follow up inquiries.


Event Location

The location for the event was :  Biblioteca Comunale di Terni, Piazza della Repubblica - Terni